Whole Plan and CIL Viability Study - a case study

We recently submitted our final report of a Whole Plan and CIL Viability Study to East Hampshire District Council on behalf of Hart District Council. The report commentated on the viability of both residential and non-residential development, the latter being commercial and industrial uses.

Hart District Council is currently in the process of introducing new policies that could affect the viability of new development and needs the evidence to determine the extent of any viability impact. In addition, the Council asked us to recommend one or more levels of Community Infrastructure Levy that might be adopted alongside these policies.

We were able to demonstrate, at the proposed levels of CIL and the cost implications of the new policy proposals, that all scenarios below the affordable housing threshold exhibited good viability against existing use values (even after allowing for 5% error in evidence of sales values).

The rest of our conclusions were explored in non-technical terminology and accompanied with visual evidence.

The project manager was James Sinclair, with Alex Medhurst advising on the commercial aspects of the work. You can read about their individual areas of expertise, and those of our other consultants, on the relevant page.