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Scheme Specific
Viability Appraisals

Our work in scheme-specific viability appraisals typically includes assessing financial information provided by the developer to identify any omissions or inadequate detail in that information.

We aim to produce a detailed and critical assessment of the financial information submitted by the developer (in the form of a written report with background calculations as appendices) which,

  • has regard to the current National and Local Planning Policy Context and the most up-to-date National Planning Policy Guidance,

  • has regard to the latest position on infrastructure locally and the current site circumstances,

  • tests the impact on overall financial viability of increasing amounts of affordable housing based on the District Council's preferred mix and tenure,

  • identifies the appropriate rates of return and profit the developer could expect from the development of the site according to the various scenarios described above in the context of industry norms for such a development proposal.

Introduction to Affordable Housing Viability Assessments

An affordable housing viability assessment is undertaken as part of the planning process of a new housing development. A viability consultant will review the costs associated with the proposed development and advise the Local Authority the level of affordable housing that can viably be sustained.

Please see our video for a brief summary of the process.