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Commuity Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Advice

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a relatively recent initiative established under the Planning Act 2008 which stipulates that a developer must pay a contribution towards the local infrastructure.

We are experienced in advising Local Authorities how much a developer should pay, prior and post-introduction of the "Community Infrastructure Levy Exemption", which was introduced in late 2014 to exempt schemes of under ten units and 1,000 m2 gross floor space.

CIL is typically calculated on the total floor space of a development. We typically conduct CIL Viability Studies as part of our Whole Plan Viability Assessments.

Introduction to Affordable Housing Viability Assessments

An affordable housing viability assessment is undertaken as part of the planning process of a new housing development. A viability consultant will review the costs associated with the proposed development and advise the Local Authority the level of affordable housing that can viably be sustained.

Please see our video for a brief summary of the process.