Case Studies

East Hampshire District Council

CIL Viability Study 2012-2015, Update 2018

The study involved both residential notional sites and strategic sites. The strategic sites included elements of commercial use and Alex Medhurst advised on this aspect of the work. The methodology used residual land valuations to calculate land values that were compared to existing use values or threshold land values. Particular issues arose around the infrastructure costs associated with the strategic sites, but were resolved through discussion with the developers. The district included the Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration town and the South Downs National Park which separates the district.

The Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule went out for public consultation ending in August 2014. Responses were considered and acted upon, as was the Draft Charging Schedule.

Following the consultation stage there was significant engagement with respondents and their agents. This resulted in most of the respondents choosing not to attend the examination, preferring to rely upon written submissions. A hotel developer attended the examination. The examiner’s report upheld the recommended CIL values.

The broadly based disciplines within Adams Integra allowed a wide range of strategic sites to be assessed. A willingness and ability to engage with stakeholders over a long period then maximised the areas of common ground and ensured that the subjects to be discussed at examination were minimised.

CIL was implemented by EHDC in April 2016.

Wycombe District Council

Local Plan Viability Assessment and CIL Viability Assessment

February 2015, Updates 2016 & 2017

Our task was to assist the Council in satisfying the viability and deliverability tests as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework, particularly that policy and infrastructure requirements will remain financially viable over the plan period, by producing an up-to-date evidence base on viability that is consistent with advice in the National Planning Practice Guidance.

As part of this update we were required to test the impact of the new Starter Homes initiative and also other proposed policies such as biodiversity offset, compliance with technical housing standards for market and affordable dwellings, technical standards for access - applying category 2 to all homes and category 3 to 30% of any affordable homes and 20% of any market homes. The timetable for this work was extremely tight, but we delivered the report on time and to the satisfaction of the Local Authority. As part of this work we consulted widely with local Housing Associations, Developers and Estate Agents. The results of this consultation were included in the original report.

South Gloucestershire Council

CIL Viability Study April 2014, Update 2018 -

The study involved both residential notional sites and strategic sites. Our commercial specialising consultant Alex Medhurst advised in regards to the commercial usage of the strategic sites. In our methodology, we outlined using residual land valuations to calculate land values. These were compared to the existing use values or threshold land values to determine a viability threshold. Similar to East Hants, particular issues arose around the infrastructure costs for the strategic sites, but these were resolved through discussion with the developers. CIL rates were established for two different locations, each of which shared similar value characteristics. Adams Integra attended and contributed to the members working group on CIL throughout the process.

Adams Integra have provided full and update development viability studies to, amongst other Local Authorities:

Arun District Council

Basingstoke & Deane Borough Councils

Canterbury City Council

Chiltern District Council

East Hampshire District Council

Forest Heath District, Fenland District &

East Cambridgeshire District Councils

Gosport Borough Council

Guildford Borough Council

Harrogate Borough Council

Hastings Borough Council

Lancaster City Council

London Borough of Bromley

London Borough of Enfield

London Borough of Merton

London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

Malvern Hills Council

Mendip District Council

North Warwickshire Borough Council

Portsmouth City Council

Shepway District Council

South Downs National Park Authority

South Gloucestershire Council

St Edmundsbury Borough Council

Surrey Heath Borough Council

Tamworth Borough Council

Test Valley Borough Council

Thanet District Council

Torridge and North Devon Councils

Warrington Borough Council

Waverley Borough Council

Wiltshire Council

Winchester City Council

Wycombe District Council.

Introduction to Affordable Housing Viability Assessments

An affordable housing viability assessment is undertaken as part of the planning process of a new housing development. A viability consultant will review the costs associated with the proposed development and advise the Local Authority the level of affordable housing that can viably be sustained.

Please see our video for a brief summary of the process.