Housing Crisis in Great Britain

According to the chief executive of the National Housing Federation, only 9% of land in the UK is developed (including roads and factories).

Good, affordable housing both to buy and let is the key to reducing poverty in the country and reducing the number of young people living with their parents.

Availability and affordability of housing are two distinct problems, but putting up house prices to allow for building larger sites will not necessarily resolve availability issues.

At Adams Integra we pride ourselves on working with Local Authorities to deliver housing that is affordable and viable to tackle a prominent issue in our society today.

One government initiative we've accounted for in our recent appraisal work is the 'starter homes' scheme. This scheme aims to provide 200,000 affordable new-build homes to first-time buyers in England within the next three years and is part of an informed approach by the government to address recent statistics in regards to young people. We support initiatives like this by accounting for them in our Whole Plan Viability Studies. You can read more by following the link.