Site Finding Services

Adams Integra has a very experienced staff with track records in senior roles for registered providers, local authorities and construction and development companies.

We have strong links with a very wide range of organisations, including key developers (National, Regional and Local), the Homes and Communities Agency and wide-ranging local authorities.

As part of our day to day work we are in contact with developers, agents, landowners and their consultants. This means that we see potential opportunities which we could bring to our clients’ attention on an ad hoc basis. These may be sites being marketed, off market opportunities, or through developers considering their options on S106 elements of sites they are bringing forward.

There are a variety of methods of working and we like to agree with our clients a methodology that suits their needs. The menu of typical arrangements we have with our clients is:

Focused Site Finding and Business Development Service

This is where we agree with you to examine new business, site and development opportunities within a defined geographical area or areas and according to an agreed brief. Activities could still be pure site finding led, but might also, or alternatively, cover a wider range of new business activities. In practice we find that a combination of activities provides more results.

Introducing the Organisation to Developers

This includes setting up exploratory meetings plus, where possible and appropriate, to local authorities and to other registered partners where there is a possibility of the client working in partnership.

Targeting Specific Site Opportunities

Site finding services – Adams Integra use a range of methods to search for site and development opportunities, in specific areas – for example:

  • Local knowledge and advertisements.

  • Link in to specific cases with our developer and other clients and contacts.

  • Planning leads.

  • Maintaining contact with agents, landowners, statutory undertakers, Local and other public Authorities, plus others as appropriate.

  • On the ground searching for sites.

  • Reviewing of existing or local authority partner holdings/estates.

  • Local Development Plan promotion/research.