OJEU Services

The European Union (EU) is a supranational and intergovernmental union of democratic member states of Europe (with three more waiting to join), the main concept of which is to create a single market.

This is where the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) comes into play. The journal is designed to ensure that all contracts from the public sector, which are valued above a certain threshold, must be published in the Official Journal to maintain an equal opportunity base for all partner nations.

Adams Integra suggests that clever use of the OJEU process can really prove beneficial with the Gershon Efficiency Agenda. Use of OJEU framework arrangements (similar to strategic partnering) can achieve economies of scale and efficiency gains on such things as build contract prices if done on a large enough scale.

It is not just Development and Maintenance contracts that must be considered in the OJEU process. There are examples of registered providers who have entered into management contracts and forgot that the OJEU ‘services threshold’ applies to such managing agency agreements too.

Many organisations feel that the OJEU process involves them in excessive bureaucracy, but those that have been on the other side of the fence recognise there are distinct benefits.

Adams Integra’s approach to the EU procurement process is excellent. We ask the right questions to elicit the information the client needs to make an informed choice and we keep paperwork to a minimum consistent with good practice.

By asking the right questions of clients, we allow contractors the opportunity to show their differentiation and expertise rather than just tick a mass of boxes.

Our clients are pleased that contractors and consultants find the process helpful and have expressed their pleasure “with the way Adams Integra had gone about handling the OJEU process and establishing the two OJEU frameworks for Contractors and Employers Agents on our behalf.”

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